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Brown Sugar Boba Yogurt


Strawberry Rose Yogurt Foam


Mango Yogurt In Tea

Chewable Yogurt

The trends in protein snacks and functional snacks are important drivers of growth in the yogurt category, as yogurt is known for both its protein and probiotic content, as well as its calcium. Yogurt’s protein delivers satiety benefits (especially important in a breakfast or snack and for weight management), while its probiotics are linked to healthy digestion and immune system function.

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Kids Love It

Children with regular yogurt intake seem to eat more fruit and whole grains than the infrequent yogurt consumers. Young yogurt consumers have also a higher intakes of calcium, vitamin D, and potassium than non-yogurt consumers. Last but not least, yogurt is a dietary source of vitamin B, riboflavin, iodine, and phosphorus for children.

Fresh Fruits

Both fruit and yogurt are considered to be very healthy food. Yogurt is a good source of calcium, proteins and probiotic bacteria, while fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, fruit sugars and dietary fibers. The two combined provide excellent and delicious food which is very healthy, and at the same time a favorite delicacy.


Seasonal Tea

If you have been searching for the perfect recipe that uses Tea Flavored Yogurt, then you have finally found it. The search is over. This recipe for Tea Flavored Yogurt is sweet, savory and decadent. The Tea Flavored Yogurt are flavorful and rich paired with a sweet and savory sauce.


Fan of the multigrain-yogurt combo? Whole grains on a bed of creamy yogurt, shine for its high protein and fiber content and relatively lowest sugar count. It’s the best healthy life hack in the whole wide world.


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